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Windtree Management

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The Right Place to Live!

Finding quality housing in Liberal, KS, has never been easier! Experience clean, safe, comfortable living at one of Windtree Management & Leasing, LLC.'s premiere housing complexes. We bring affordable housing throughout the city putting shopping, dining, community amenities and other conveniences just a few minutes away.


Windtree Management does its best to take care of everything that you might need to enjoy your home. We offer a wide variety of floor plans, single and multi-level living, one, two and three bedroom units, private balconies or patios, well-maintained structures including plumbing and central air, full-size washer and dryer hook-ups, fully-equipped kitchens, neatly manicured landscapes and more. All of our facilities are located near school districts and boast peaceful, desirable neighborhoods.


Browse through our website to get a feel for our facilities and then get in touch to help us help you find a place to call home.

Our Mission

At Windtree Management, we aim to provide clean, safe, affordable housing to residents in Liberal, KS, in order to enhance the overall value of the community.

Our Approach to Maintenance

The team at Windtree Management strives to exceed your every expectation. We do our best to anticipate repairs and necessary maintenance items before they become problematic. Services include routine and emergency maintenance, accessibility and person-centered modifications, occupied and unoccupied renovations, and various other acts necessary to ensure the safety and comfort of our tenants. We work closely with our support team to ensure our property management services are tailored to the specific needs of our residents.

Resident Expectations

In order to adhere to our mission, Windtree Management does require that its practices and policies be followed. Residents are expected to make timely payments on or before their due dates to avoid late fees and evictions, to maintain an acceptable level of cleanliness and hygiene in, on and around the Windtree facilities, to be respectful of neighbors and their right to peace and privacy, to avoid participation in unlawful activity and to report such activity to the appropriate authorities to maintain a safe and secure community for all of our tenants, and various other criteria as it becomes necessary.