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Windtree Management

& Leasing, LLC.

Windtree Management Townhouses


Townhouses on

N. Western Ave.


Perfect setting for those looking for 1, 2 or 3 bedroom housing in a townhouse format.


Starting at $680 / mo.


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Townhouses on

S. Clay Ave.


Comfortable two bedroom townhouse housing

in one of our multi-complex additions.


Starting at $735 / mo.


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Windtree Management Apartments


Apartments on

S. Clay Ave.


Two bedroom apartments with nice outdoor

patios ideal for morning coffee or BBQs!


Priced at $735 / mo.


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Apartments on

S. Clay Ave.


Two or three bedroom options in a nice,

quiet neighborhood.


Starting at $665 / mo.


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Apartments on

S. Clay Ave.


Enjoy the peaceful surrounds in ample

two bedroom apartment settings.


Priced at $735 / mo.


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Apartments on

W. 10th St.


Choose from one or two bedroom units in a

great neighborhood!


Priced at $665 / mo.


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